HONEYBEE (NO Refined Sugar)

HONEYBEE (NO Refined Sugar)

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New cake “DESIGN”, but same taste!!! 




Indulge in a birthday celebration with HONEYBEE's perfectly creamy layer cake, made with natural honey and no refined sugar. Treat yourself or a loved one to this special treat, available in different sizes and flavours Order now for an unforgettable sweet experience!

A cake with 7 soft layer of caramelised honey cakes that taste like honey graham crackers, filled with a cloud-like burnt honey cream.

Burnt honey adds more concentrated and pronounced honey flavour, brings out the toffee taste. 

**The whole cake uses RAW HONEY instead of refined sugar. 

Please note: The size does not look as tall as normal sponge cakes. 

 Main Ingredients 

100% Raw Honey ,Eggs ,Elle & Vire Professionnel Cream, Isomalt ,                    Grapeseed Oil( ITALY)





Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
leo leung
The best cake with the best taste!

It is the 2nd time I bought the cake from Kaki Desserts and the cake is still the best cake I've ever had! You can taste the honey favour whenever you put the cake into your mouth. The sweetness for the cake is fine and it suit what I need!
I think I have make the best choice for my family member's birthday!

Cheryl Li
Love Love LOVE!

Flavours were very balanced, and love the bit of crunchy crust!

Allie Tong

你地既蛋糕好好食😋 多謝你哋💞💞

Delicious Honey Cake That Will Make You Crave For More! ok

My family loved the honey cake a lot! It was gone in less than 10mins and everyone loved how light and refreshing the cake was. The honey infused cream was not too heavy, and it made us keep on craving for more. There were 7 thin cake layers filled with endless biscuit crumbs and we absolutely loved the overall texture and combination with the honey cream. We can’t wait to try out more cakes from Kaki soon!

Recommended *****

Full of honey deliciousness
Very good quality